Liner 24x33-S243308N

item# Liner 24x33-S243308N
manufacturer# IBS S243308N
Inteplast Group High-Density Commercial Can Liner, 24" x 33", 16 gal, 8 Micron, Natural, 50 liners per roll, 20 rolls per carton, 1,000 liners TOTAL per carton

Inteplast High-Density Can Liners are packaged in compact, coreless interleaved rolls designed for effortless one at a time bag dispensing and placed into an innovative "clamshell" box with E-Z identification, allowing users to know exactly what product is enclosed, eliminating confusion. These liners are made from Formosa resin for added reliability and guaranteed consistency. The bottom of the bags are star-sealed to distribute weight evenly, while creating a seal up to eight times stronger than the film itself.