Clorox, Multi-Purpose, Spring Scent

item# Cleaner-Clorox-31524
manufacturer# CLO31524
Clorox Fraganzia Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Spring Scent, 175 oz Bottle, 3 bottles per Carton
This product cleans and deodorizes with a long lasting scent afterward.  Great product to use on hard, non-porous surfaces where odors tend to buildup (ex. bathrooms and kitchens). Can also be used to deodorize garbage cans and pet areas.
Dilute this bleach-free formula to mop floors. For tough jobs you can use this product at full strength. It is safe to use on hard, nonporous surfaces (floors, tiles, counters, sinks and toilet bowl). An alternate use for this product is adding in the wash to freshening clothes/ linens (ex. aprons, bar mops, tablecloths, towels and uniforms).