Weed Killer-Enforcer-136423

item# Weed Killer-Enforcer-136423
manufacturer# AMR136423
Enforcer® Formula 777 E.C. Weed Killer, Non-Cropland, 1 gal Can, 4 cans per carton

Enforcer Formula 777 is formulated to control vegetation for up to one season. This product has a low toxicity rate, making it safer for animals and humans than the average weed killer. This weed killer contains Bromacil, which is designed to interfere with the photosynthesis process of plants. Formula 777 is effective against hard to kill weeds like Poison Ivy, Johnson Grass and Bermuda Grass. Simply pour formula into a sprayer and spray onto non-crop areas, where you desire bare ground. It is recommended to dilute 1 part chemical to 9 parts water.