Unger, Toilet Brush and Holder

item# Brush-Ergo-Toilet-UNGBBWHR
manufacturer# UNGBBWHR
Ergo Toilet Bowl Brush Complete: Wand, Brush Holder & 2 Heads

This complete set offers a 26' wand which means its extended and ergonomic design minimizes the risk of backsplash, increasing the cleaners comfort and safety.Its lightweight and has a high quality handle with a molded grip for user comfortability. The unique brush head shape allows for easy access in hard-to-reach areas.  The reusable and replaceable 3.5" diameter nylon heads won't harbor harmful bacteria as the holder isolates contaminants, reducing the risk of cross contamination. In the holder there is a removable drip bowl reservoir that keeps the brush from standing in dirty liquids when its not being used.