item# Pad-Microfiber-Q41000
manufacturer# RCPQ41000BLU
Rubbermaid Commercial Microfiber Wet Room Pad, Split Nylon/ Polyester Blend, 18", Blue

Rubbermaid Microfiber Wet Room Pads are designed with a  Zig-zag design that packs 17% more microfiber in each mop than conventional microfiber mops, and cleans 45% better than string mops and 25% better than conventional microfiber mops. These mop pads are durable and long lasting, with double finished edges that retain mop shape, these pads can also withstand up to 500 launderings, 200 with bleach. This product features a hook- and-loop that holds up under harsh laundering conditions and attaches pads more securely.