item# Sponge-Scotch-Power-3000CC
manufacturer# MMM3000CC
Scotch-Brite PROFESSIONAL Power Sponge, Teal, 2 4/5 x 4 1/2, 5 sponges per pack

Scotch- Brite Power Sponge is a dual-action cleaning pad/sponge shaped in a unique bow-tie for ease of handling. The scouring side of the sponge scours 2-4 times faster, and is 6-10 times less abrasive than other conventional commerical scouring pads. This sponge has durable synthetic fibers that are crimped and heat set to create stronger webbing and features antimicrobial protection that is locked-in to resist odors. Scotch Brite Sponges are designed with evenly distributed particles to ensure effective, consistent scouring, and lasting performance throughout the life of the pad.