item# Squeegee-18
manufacturer# UNGFP45
Unger® Aquadozer Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee, 18 Inch Blade, Green/Black Rubber, Straight

Unger AquaDozer Floor Squeegee is great for cleaning up large volumes of water, mud, debris, waste, scrap, slush, snow and flood. Unger Squeegees are durable, made from galvanized steel frame with cast zinc socket. This product features a 2" replaceable black rubber blade.
Unger squeegees are built to handle even the toughest jobs. Users can use this squeegee on coated and uncoated smooth concrete floors, asphalt and other smooth surfaces. Ideal for construction sites, plants, factories, large commercial areas, loading docks, agricultural, food processing, arenas, outdoor areas and around large drains.