Urinal Mat-Black-BWK-UMBB

item# Urinal Mat-Black-BWK-UMBB
manufacturer# BWKUMBB
Boardwalk Urinal Mat 2.0, Rubber, 17.5 x 20, Black/ Black, 6 mats per carton

Boardwalk urinal mats are designed to prevent damage that is caused by discoloration and uric acid etching on the floor. Its modern design means the mat is compatible with most bathroom decor, and promotes safety, while its non-slip bottom prevents slips and falls and ensures the floor stays dry. Use of this mat prevents cross contamination of urine into other areas of the restroom. These mats are guaranteed to last 2 times longer and absorb 2-4 times more urine than other mats. Each mat has an indicator to remind you when it is time to change out the mat. The mats also contain NeutraTech, a mold inhibitor and odor counteractant specifically designed for urine.